Board Of Directors Of OCIC



Regent Empress 46 Krystal Archer Michaels

Krystal Archer Michaels has been involved with the Imperial Court System for many years.  She is a past Empress (Empress 41, ISJDE Stockton), has served on the Board of Directors for the International Imperial Court of Long Beach And has volunteered time and talents for many charities, not just the ICS.  Her passion is empowering our Trans youth, trying to make their world a better, safer and easier place to live.

Regent Empress 46 Tequila McCray Halston

Dimas E. Ramirez-Wells/ aka Tequila McCray Halston has been involved in the Orange County Imperial Court since 2011, as part of Empress Britney Halston and Emperor Erick McCray Halston's reign. Since then she is been traveling, supporting and helping in any way possible.She is proud to do what she does, strong minded and willing to lend a hand to whoever needs it.( in more ways that one) Passionate about doing what's right. Know around the court system as Empress 44, now she has once again decided to help and represent the city she loves as Regent Empress 46 .

Emperor 46 Mark Branco Thorington

Board President Empress 36 & 40 Hara Bubbles Halston

Hara "Bubbles" Halston St. James and I have served on the OCIC Board of Directors for the past 12 years. I am Heir Apparent Emeritus and Member of the ICC Privy Council with Queen Mother of the America's Nicole the Great. I have 3 children who have been apart of the OCIC Organization. I love giving back to the community and my passion is to our youth. I am assisting the Boys & Girls Club of Buena Park in a Inclusion program for the youth. I hope to be able to spread that through all the OC Boys & Girls Clubs. I am a Obituary Writer for the Southern California Newspaper Group for the past 27 years.

Vice President Emperor 44 King Bubbles Wells Levi

King started doing charity work for the OCIC back about two years ago. He started during the reign of Logan and Monet Emperor and Empress 42 and has been going strong ever since then. In April of 2017 he and his husband Dimas Ramirez ran for Emperor and Empress and once they were selected to be the new monarchs the reign took off. Kings focus for 2017 is raising money for Veterans all over and seeing veterans treated with more respect. Even after his reign king plans on continuing his work through OCIC.


Secretary Emperor 36-Modesto Ryan Phelps

Ryan Phelps, aka Ryan Hernandez St. James has been involved with the Imperial Court System since June of 2001. I joined the Court of Modesto in 2003, became Modesto’s Youngest Elected Emperor as Emperor 36 in 2010. I moved to Orange County in 2014 became part of the OCIC as a board member and then served as Vice President. I actively sing with the Orange County Gay Men’s Chorus aka Men Alive since 2016.

Emperor 29 Richard Brown St. James

Co-Treasurer-Emperor 30 Russ BearTrap aka Russ Moore

Emperor 28 & 38 Erick McCray

U.S. Army Veteran, serving in 3 Combat Tours. He has been a member of OCIC since Reign 18. Erick also is a past Emperor of Reigns 28 & 38. He is also King Father of Long Beach Reigns 46, 47 & 48 and King Father of Orange County Reign 44. He is an Imperial Husband to Empress 41 Krystal Archer Michaels, Emperor 5.5 of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Erick is past Mr. OCIC & LA/Hollywood Gay Pride and the only Mr. Gay Pride to hold that title while serving on active duty.


Anthony Defalco

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Mary Walters

Mary has been with the Orange County Imperial Court for 4 years. Mary began her Imperial Court journey with Reign 42. Mary has been a huge asset to the organization and helps out at every event from beginning to end and goes above and beyond the call of duty. Mary is hoping to help make this year's reign a very successful year.

Active Privy Council

Emperor 30 Russ Beartrap aka Russ Moore

Emperor 26, 33 & 41 Emperor Ricardo Ramirez St. James

Empress 33 Tiffany Cartier St. James

Emperor 34 Linda Landree St. James

Empress 34 Candy Cartier St. James