Orange County Imperial Court Board of Directors

Executive Officers of the Board of Directors


King Wells-Ramirez

(Emperor 44 King Wells Bubbles Levi)

King started doing charity work for the OCIC back about two years ago. He started during the reign of Logan and Monet Emperor and Empress 42 and has been going strong ever since then. In April of 2017 he and his husband Dimas Ramirez ran for Emperor and Empress and once they were selected to be the new monarchs the reign took off. Kings focus for 2017 was raising money for Veterans all over and seeing veterans treated with more respect. Even after his reign king plans on continuing his work through OCIC.

Vice President

Ryan Phelps

(Absolute Emperor 47 Ryan Hernandez St. James)

Ryan Phelps aka Ryan Hernandez St. James started his journey within the ICS in November 2000. His first Coronation attended was the Adornment in Ogden Utah. From there his charity work began. Ryan moved to California in 2003 and fell in love with his late husband, and moved to Modesto, CA where he joined the OESCI of Modesto. Ryan has held several Board positions from President, Vice President, Secretary and made history by becoming Modesto's youngest  individual to be elected as Emperor 36 in 2009 at the age of 26! He is also Modesto's first individual born with a disability to serve as monarch.  In 2013, Ryan lost his  partner of 10 years Jeff Case to PCP Pneumonia. Ryan moved to Orange County in April 2014 and became involved with the Orange County Imperial Court serving as an Associate Member, General Member, Vice President, Secretary, and most recently becoming Orange County's first virtually  elected, crowned and step down monarch as Absolute Emperor 47!  Ryan is known for his positive Ryanisms, and will continue to serve his community to the best of his ability!

Executive Secretary

Linda Wendt

(Emperor 34 - Linda Landree-St. James)

Executive Treasurer

Marylynn Cornaggia

(Honorary Emperor of Orange County)

General and Associate Board Members

General Board Members

Richard Brown St. James (Emperor Emeritus 29)

 Ricardo Ramirez St. James (Emperor 26, 33, 41)

 Rudy Casanova (Empress 33 Tiffany Cartier - St. James)

Mary Walters

 Jeremy Lau St. James (Emperor 26 & 30 of  Hawaii)

Associate Board Members

 Hara Alarcon (Empress 36 & 40)

 Rick Buksa (Rickilt Cartier St. James)

 Jeff Galley-Reay (Wolfpup Jeff Cartier - St. James)

 Melissa Alarcon