Board Of Directors Of OCIC

Kevin Penn President Of The Board & Emperor 42 of the Orange County Imperial Court. Logan Levi has been with OCIC for eight years and in that time he has helped raise thousands to benefit the underserved in Orange County and surrounding counties.

Hara Lynne Alarcon Empress 36, 40 & Board Member (Stand in VICE-PRESIDENT for Reign 44) Hara "Bubbles" Halston St. James and I have served on the OCIC Board of Directors for the past 12 years. I am Heir Apparent Emeritus and Member of the ICC Privy Council with Queen Mother of the America's Nicole the Great. I have 3 children who have been apart of the OCIC Organization. I love giving back to the community and my passion is to our youth. I am assisting the Boys & Girls Club of Buena Park in a Inclusion program for the youth. I hope to be able to spread that through all the OC Boys & Girls Clubs. I am a Obituary Writer for the Southern California Newspaper Group for the past 27 years.

Marylynn Cornaggia - Treasurer

Dawn Gonzales Secretary Dawn, has years of experience as an Administrative Assistant as well as many hours spent volunteering for Compassionate Animal Rescuse for Medical Aid (CARMA) and a strong supporter of the LGBT rights and equality not only in Orange County but surrounding counties as well.

King Wells McCray Levi Emperior 44 & Board Member is 35 years old and was born in Lakewood Ca. King started doing charity work for the OCIC back about two years ago. He started during the reign of Logan and Monet Emperor and Empress 42 and has been going strong ever since then. In April of 2017 he and his husband Dimas Ramirez ran for Emperor and Empress and once they were selected to be the new monarchs the reign took off. Kings focus for 2017 is raising money for Veterans all over and seeing veterans treated with more respect. Even after his reign king plans on continuing his work through OCIC.

Tequila McCray Halston, Empress 44 & Board Member is 30 years old and is originally born in El Salvador. Dimas started doing charity work around 2010 when empress Britney Halston and emperor Erick McCray reigned. Dimas contributed his time to the community in any way possible. Then in October of 2011, he decided to enter the closet ball in which he became the winner. In the coming months he became more involved in drag and the court. Since then he has been helping and supporting orange county imperial court as well as long beach and Los Angeles court. Throughout his time within the organization he has learned the value of support, making friends and helping the community while having fun.

Emperor 32 & Vice President (ON LEAVE OF ABSENCE) Steven Thorington, has over 15 years of community service, not only with OCIC but also with ASF (Aid Service Foundation) and their food bank. Steven has been a past Vice President of the Board of Directors and hold the title of Emperor 32.

Board Member & Empress 42 Monet Clements, is a Current Board Member for OCIC. "I'm Lucky to be surrounded by people who have the same belief as I Do, to help & support OUR community I am proud of My Involvement.

Past Empress & Board Member Rudy Casanova, has been servicing his community for over 20. He has been in OCIC for 20 years and been on the BOD for over 10. He is a two time Elected Empress and is Mr. OCIC Leather 2016. He has been the President of Orange County Cultural Pride, sat on the Board of Directors of The Federation, wrote articles for the Blade Magazine, and was a lay minister of the MCC Church in Torrance.