Orange County Imperial Court

The 42nd Reign | The Court of Love, Unity, Service and Devotion

Overview of Our Charitable Works

The Orange County Imperial Court has several different trusts and funds for handling the donations and gifts we receive from our hard work.  

 The Harvey Milk Scholarship Fund was established and has provided over $50,000 in funds to deserving students throughout Orange County. Applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors for appropriate need and monetary determination.  

  The Empress Liz St. James Memorial Burial Fund (formerly known as the Hannah Taylor-Stanton Burial Fund) was established and has helped take care of the burial of a loved one for many in the community. This fund is specifically directed at helping with burial or cremation in a time of need. Requests for assistance are usually received from a funeral home and reviewed by the Board of Directors.  

   The Charity Trust is disbursed by command of the monarchs at our Annual Coronation Ball. The most recent recipients are:  

 There are many other organization that have been assisted over the years.

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